Animal Print Rug Underlay Guide

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An article about Cloud 9 animal print rug underlay Specialists with PU animal print rug underlays like Cirrus, Cumulus and Nimbus by Ball & Young; prices starting at under $2.40 per square meter or around $29 to $35 per 15 square meter roll, in 7mm, 9mm and 11mm thicknesses.

Where To Use Cloud 9 Foam Animal print rug Underlay

When you buy animal print rug underlay that’s foam like the Cloud 9 product, you will use it primarily in homes and for light contract or commercial usage, but where a higher comfort level is desired.

The Cirrus underlay is often used in homes and offices due to its thermal insulation and acoustic properties. The product can be purchased by the square meter for small areas or for complete room coverage it also comes in 15 meter square rolls. The Cloud 9 animal print rug underlay choice is a recommended product since it is lightweight, affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee when properly installed in areas that Ball & Young recommend as ideal for their products.

Why Choose PU foam Animal print rug Underlays

Most animal print rugs will require an underlay of some kind, and PU foam animal print rug underlay like the Cloud 9 product line, offer a level of comfort, support and durability that other foam products don’t offer. If you choose wisely you will also be protecting your animal print rug investment to ensure it will have a longer life, since it will not rest directly on the raw floor surface, and it will therefore last longer, feel better and be protected. Animal print rug underlay, in general, offers the added benefits of heat insulation and sound muffling, adding to good acoustic engineering of any home or office.

Animal print rug Foam Verses Rubber Underlay

Why will you choose foam over rubber animal print rug underlay or even felt?

The appropriate product will depend on the use the area will receive, however PU foam underlays are being chosen over rubber and felt for several important reasons such as the fact that they are extremely lightweight and much simpler to manipulate and install. They also offer much better insulation and acoustic enhancement than other varieties. However one of the most important reasons that foam is better than rubber or felt is that it is springy and soft underfoot and does not become flattened or matted as easily. It will remain bouncy a lot longer. The other factor is price. Simply put, foam PU is very affordable because it is manufactured from recycled material. Rubber and other types of underlay are created new from raw products, not recycled.

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What if my animal print rug already has a built-in underlay?

Even if the animal print rug you have selected comes with underlay attached or built-in a foam underlay is still recommended. Select a lesser thickness, perhaps an 8mm or a 9mm thickness instead of an 11mm underlay as you might for a regular animal print rug that has a hard back. This will give a little added cushioning, protect the animal print rug back, insulate and absorb unwanted sound.

What About Other Brands?

We can recommend another brand used in the US called Tredaire Dreamwalk and is perhaps top of the line in luxury animal print rug underlay. It is also the most expensive.

We do not recommend Cosi or Blue Heaven although they are cheaper because they are low density and do not stand up as well to use as the better quality Cloud 9 line that has three products that are very affordable and yet will last and offer value for your money. If you can’t afford the Dreamwalk, then choose Cumulus, Cirrus or Nimbus from Cloud 9 and you will have a superior quality product that is cheap but not poor quality. Remember that animal print rug underlay may not be seen everyday but will be felt with every step as long as the animal print rug remains on the floor.

If you are considering the waffle rubber underlay that has been used traditionally for many years, and is available under a variety of brand names, you must remember that most brands come from a few of the same manufacturers and are basically all the same product just marketed differently to make consumers believe they must have a specific product for a specific animal print rug. In fact the only real difference between rubber underlays is the 5 different weights from which you can choose. The five weights are 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb and 150lb, which in essence will dictate how much softness you have underfoot. In general, the higher the weight the softer it will feel, however, there is one exception to this rule, and that is with the 150lb weight. It is not the softest, in fact it may feel quite hard, so if you need a cushiony effect, you will be best to select 130lb or go with foam.