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Wonders of Animal Print Rug

Animal print rug looks very natural and is one of the best ways of bringing safari and wildlife theme inside the house or office without interfering with the existing interior decoration. The rug is very beneficial in that it is capable of protecting the floor mainly from different kinds of scratches and stains. It acts as an excellent floor cover and it is an excellent reflection of magnificent artistic expression and beauty. The rug can be used to further complement and enhance the beauty of carpets in the living room. It is also very suitable for slippery floors as it provides a stable and safe surface to walk on

Apart from being placed on the floor, Animal print rug can also be hanged on walls as it brings out an attractive and unique look into the office or house. Made of different strong synthetic materials, the rug is very durable and is ideal for kitchen, sitting room and bedroom locations. The rug is capable of absorbing noisy sounds from radio and television in the house. It is printed with a striped black and white motif pattern that makes it to look exactly like an actual animal skin.

Some of the different styles of Animal print rug that are available in the market are:

animal print rug

i) Animal Modern Black Area Rug

It is rectangular in shape with size of 4′ by 6′. This rug is very modern and is made of propylene. It has a unique design that makes it to blend very well with other colours in the house. It does not fade or wear out easily and is very resistant to stains and soiling. One advantage of this rug is that it can be used as a floor rug as well as a Wall Murial.

ii) Shaw Living Animal Quilt Brown

It is rectangular in shape with a size of 3′ by 5′. It has a thickness of 5 inches, which makes it to be very applicable in living rooms and the kitchen. It is made of 100% olefin, a very strong and durable material. It is resistant to stains and is very easy to maintain and clean. The rug is machine woven and is designed in animal pattern of rich brown and beiges, making it to look very beautiful and elegant.

iii) Jellybean White Animal Stripes Animal Print Accent Area Rug

It comes in both square and rectangular shapes and it can withstand both cold and hot temperatures. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It does not fade easily even when placed under direct sunlight for a long period of time. It is designed with very bright colors and has the advantage of being machine washable. It is made of very comfortable synthetic materials in that it can be placed anywhere in the house. Kids and pets can relax and play on this rug with much comfort.

iv) Safari Area Rug Novelty Animal Skin

Is rectangular in shape and has a size of 5′ by 8′. It is made of 100% olefin material, making it to be a very strong and durable animal print rug. It is relatively large and can be used comfortably in big living rooms and kitchens. It is beautiful and blends very well with all types of furniture in the house.

Animal print rug is definitely the best rug to go for. With more different styles and designs, the rug is very affordable and has unlimited benefits when placed in the house or office. The rug simply adds the desired elegance in the house and office and will continued to be used by many generations to come.

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Owen Hatherley on Photography and Modern Architecture Part- 2

First Read Part- 1

Rodchenko’s architectural photographs were mostly at their best when depicting fairly prosaic buildings – the famous, vertiginous image of the balconies on his Moscow tenement, for instance – but when faced with a talent equal to his own, they faltered. The Rusakov Club in Moscow, a striking, tense piece of architecture, was complex enough when baldly shot face-on, but when wildly tilted in Rodchenko’s shots of it, it became illegible. He abstracted the pilotis of Moisei Ginzburg‘s Narkomfin apartments in a way no contemporary architecture magazine would tolerate. These were noble failures, attempting to best fashion photographers in nyc modernism in a modernist way, and as a Marxist, Rodchenko would have appreciated the fact that the dialectical tensions in his modernist photographs of transformed 19th century cityscapes carry more vigour and drama. If you compare them with the recently republished photographs of Naum S Granovsky, like ‘Urban Landscape at Night’, of the Vesnin brothers’ ZIL Workers’ Club in Moscow, you can see why this happened. This 1934 photograph is a perfectly clear image of modernism, with a harsh, bright light shining out of its glass expanses. But the photograph’s composition is entirely traditional, a panoramic, architecturally informative view. It has atmosphere in abundance, but its main function appears to be one of record, not experience. But in both Rodchenko and Granofsky’s architectural photography, we seldom see people, except sometimes a lone figure in counterpoint.

best fashion photographers in nyc

Today, this depopulation is echoed often in the many photographic books on Soviet and East European modernism – from Richard Pare’s The Lost Vanguard at the scholarly end, to the melodramatic socialist schlock of Gabriele Basilico’s Veritiginous Moscow or Fredric Chaubin’s CCCP – Cosmic Communist Constructions. Roman Bezjak’s Socialist Modernism is an interesting outlier in this, both in the way he shows the unsympathetic alterations, adverts and clutter the buildings have attracted, and the people who work in or live in and around them – and in the knowing way in which he then bathes the images in a sepia-like yellow glow. The blocks that appear and reappear in the photographic work of artists like Nicholas Grospierre or Cyprien Gaillard form part of an aesthetic as stark, blank and monumental as the buildings photographed. Is there another possible approach, one where buildings appear as used?

Some of the photographers associated with the ‘townscape’ movement in British architecture tried to combine their humanist, tamed version of modernism with an appropriate photographic approach, which probably reaches its peak in (professional) Eric de Mare and (non-professional) Ian Nairn’s images for the latter’s book Nairn’s London, where a moment in both social and architectural history is captured with equal acuity. The opposite approach is taken to its furthest extent in the truly monumental urban landscapes of John Davies, whose images of the modernist rebuildings of Sheffield or Birmingham provide the planner’s eye view – or at least they at first appear to, until you peer closer and find loiterers, drivers and even football players lurking in the shadows of his concrete monoliths. As recommended by Brecht or Benjamin, they manage to approach a way of making social processes visible.

There is a hint of this, too, in the work of Rut Blees Luxemburg. In something like her image of the Westway, ‘London – A Modern Project’ she approaches modernism without concern for ethics or moralism. She never appeared to be interested in modernism as utopianism, totalitarianism or an emblem of stalled social progress – it was just ‘there’, not a subject for hand-wringing or celebration, but portrayed coldly as an amoral and thrilling landscape. Interestingly, her long-exposure work on London tower blocks was recently echoed by the Australian artist Simon Terrill, in a specially commissioned photograph of Balfron Tower, Erno Goldfinger’s tower block in the East End of London. He managed to get most of the tenants to appear in it, by asking them to leave their lights on, or wait at their balconies or on the walkways. It’s a remarkable image of a building and its users, for sure, but also of a building which was about to be denuded of that community, ‘decanted’, by the housing association who own the building – who also commissioned the image in the first place. It’s complex, uncomfortable events like this that make architectural photography uniquely slippery – and which makes the seamless, conflict-free world of architectural pornography all the more seductive.

best portrait photographers nyc

Owen Hatherley on Photography and Modern Architecture Part- 1

Modern architecture was the first architecture to really market itself, so it makes sense that it has become an architecture largely consumed through photographs. The internet has intensified this to a degree that the main architectural websites – the likes of Dezeen and ArchDaily – provide little but glossy images of buildings that you will never visit, lovingly formed into photoshopped, freeze-dried glimmers of non-orthogonal perfection, in locations where the sun, of course, is always shining. In art, this approach to reproduction is dubious enough, but in architecture – where both physical experience and location in an actual place are so important – it’s often utterly disastrous, a handmaiden to an architectural culture that no longer has an interest in anything but its own image. How did this happen?

As with much else, it can be traced back to the 1920s, to the moment where modern architecture, as ‘the modern movement’, was created, spread and transformed. Even the actual colour of modern buildings changed to accommodate photographic media. The modernist idiom of the 1920s, with its planar geometries, clean, rendered walls and pared-down simplicity was always a gift to photographers, at least if the weather was good – what was new, however, was the way in which best portrait photographers nyc altered the buildings themselves. Many of Le Corbusier’s early buildings were covered in bright, artificial washes of colour. The Pessac housing scheme, for instance, gloried in lurid blues and pinks. In the work of the architects of the De Stijl movement, like Gerrit Reitveld, the use of bold primary colour was intrinsic to the architecture. Most extreme of all, Berlin housing architect Bruno Taut covered his cubes in alternating, clashing colour. Yet by the start of the 1930s, the ‘modern movement’s most famous buildings, like Mies van der Rohe’s Villa Tugendhat or Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, were almost exactly as monochrome as the (many) photographs taken of them. When modern architecture was exported, for instance to Britain in the mid-30s, the white wall and the black window frame had become practically compulsory, with the equally austere, monochromatic and photogenic bare brick wall a distant second.

best portrait photographers nyc

What of the role of the photographers in all of this? Again, the answer can be found in ’20s Germany. Probably the most influential of modernist architectural photographers, although never a direct chronicler of architecture as such, was Albert Renger-Patzsch. His precise, elegant and haunting images of factories (and their machinery) presented a city that seemed to have been denuded of its people, with the machines working ceaselessly by themselves. As images of buildings, they have the virtue of their clarity, sharp detail and vividness, but as images of use, of buildings that are lived in, worked in and experienced, they are notoriously evasive. Renger-Patzsch’s commissioned series on bauhaus director Walter Gropius‘ Fagus shoe factory, for instance, not only edited the factory buildings to stress only their glazed, typically modernist aspects rather than the messy, functional back end, but they also avoided any images of labour, or labourers. Accordingly, and maybe unfairly, Renger-Patzsch became a favourite target of left-wing modernists. Walter Benjamin mocked the title of his book The World is Beautiful, and Bertolt Brecht surely had him in mind when he wrote ‘a photograph of a factory tells us almost nothing about that factory’. There was however an alternative approach.

If the cold eye of Renger-Patzsch exemplified the ‘New Objectivity’, then other modernists favoured what Laszlo Moholy-Nagy called the ‘New Vision’. Modern architecture’s free spaces and machine-made angles opened up new possibilities for the eye and body, that couldn’t be represented simply by pointing the camera at an empty factory or a depopulated, freshly-built new estate. For Moholy-Nagy, and contemporaries like Jaroslav Rossler or Aleksandr Rodchenko, that new experience had to be made palpable, by angles, juxtapositions, abrupt cuts – a dialectical approach to the image. In the Soviet Union, Rodchenko’s anti-literal approach to buildings caused some controversy. We rarely see now the kind of photographs that Rodchenko was reacting against – and that reacted against him, which is a shame, as they had a very particular approach in architectural terms.

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What Is Whey Protein

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein usually comes in the form of a powder that can be used to make a drink similar to a milkshake for athletes and bodybuilders.  Whey protein has specific properties that help to enhance the body’s recovery and growth during training.  But not everyone knows where whey protein comes from.

Whey protein is a dairy by-product from the substance left over after milk has solidified into cheese.  Cow’s milk contains two types of proteins; Casein (80%) and Whey Protein (20%).  This whey protein is then subjected to numerous processes and filtration in order to separate the whey from the whey liquid.

Once this has been done, the remaining whey liquid is then concentrated to produce pure whey protein.  This is then dried, packed and sold as whey protein powder to manufacturers who use it to make protein shakes.

So know we have our whey protein, how does it actually help the body?

best whey protein with water

Proteins are the building blocks for the body’s muscles.  When a body is put through a strenuous exercise regime, the muscles need fuel to rebuild themselves and grow.  Without it the muscles cannot work as affectively and this can have other affects on the body, leading to poor results.

Best whey protein with water has quick release properties which mean that after you consume it, it is quick to be broken down into amino acids and absorbed by the body.  It goes directly to your muscles, feeding them with the energy they need to repair, grow and strengthen before your next workout.

The proteins your body need can be found in many different food types, from fish, meat, dairy and wheat for example.  But if you are working towards a desired goal, your diet may not allow you to consume the amount you need.  This is where best whey protein with water is useful.  They enable you to consume more of the important proteins that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Best whey protein with water should never be used to replace the protein found in foods, and a balanced diet is essential to help keep your body fit and healthy, but it can help and aid your body when working towards a desired goal and physique.

How to Buy Cardboard Tubes for Packaging Online?

From sunrise to sunset, we use cardboard for different purposes in our daily lives. It has become one of the inevitable parts of our lives. It brings efficiency and convenience. Such materials are flexible and adaptable and can be used for different purposes. Cylinder-shaped tubes made of cardboard are helpful for many industries. They can also be used for providing a stable cushion to keep the packaged items safe for long distance transportation or shipping.

Cardboard tubes are very handy for packing and moving. They are not just used for packaging and moving, but also useful for storage of different items. Such tubes can be used in the most innovative way. Being light in weight, large cardboard tubes can be decorated with creative craft skills to store old newspapers, toys, pencils, pens, and other items. These tubes can help to pack and store food products for longer times as they can keep the moisture away.

Cardboard tubes

When it comes to packaging solutions, cardboard is often the answer. It is widely used for various household, industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes. There are a number of reasons for using cardboard tubes for different industries. Some manufacturers provide large diameter cardboard tubes as per the clients’ requirements. They can hold a lot of stuff and keep them safe without breakage at all levels of distribution and usage.

Cardboard is considered to be a cost effective solution for packaging materials. These tubes do not require high labor costs to manufacture the boxes. They can be recycled and re-used too. If you are looking for environment friendly packaging materials, then cardboard can be a good option. Being easy to use for business owners and customers, they are widely used for packaging.

Cardboard boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. One can choose from small, medium, or large diameter cardboard boxes. Some manufacturers provide huge discounts on cardboard boxes. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the best tubes for packaging. Some online stores offer discounts and free shipping for cardboard boxes. You can get the tubes for packing delivered at your doorstep.

One should look around for the available options and invest in the best quality materials for packaging to get complete peace of mind. As there are many cardboard tube manufacturers, compare the prices and make the right decision that can help your business reach new heights without digging a hole in your pocket.

Cardboard tubes find various purposes for different industries. Buy the right cardboard rubes from reliable manufacturers and enjoy the great benefits.

Curran Packaging Company specializes in cardboard tubes and other packaging materials. The company aims to help clients get the best value for the money they spend.

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5 Happy Family Reasons to Consider an On-site Caravan for Sale

If you have a busy family life and you are desperate to find a way to spend quality family time together then perhaps you should look for an on-site caravan for sale. Caravan Parks can offer a great environment for families to bond and create enjoyable memories together. Caravan Parks have many different accommodation options – tent sites, caravan site, and permanent on-site caravans. These permanent vans offer the owner the ability to keep their van based at the Caravan Park year around without the need to drive it in and out every holiday. It’s a great affordable holiday home option.

Considering an On-site caravan for sale can lead to many benefits for your children’s development as they create a great environment for families to share time together. The benefits of this quality time are huge and I would like to share some key benefits of family time.

Better Grades and Well-Being

Studies have shown that kids that spend more time as a family playing get better grades. Playing outdoors and in outdoor playgrounds requires risk assessment and problem-solving. And doing these activities as a family can help them experience better emotional well-being. When looking for an on-site caravan for sale, look for one that has nice outdoor settings where kids can explore and develop their problem-solving skills.


Learning to Live in a Small Space

On-site caravans are not as large as the standard family home, they are a set of small rooms that a family will need to share together. This teaches children to understand the need to share space and things together. It also enables families to be closer as space is smaller and families will need to sit in the same room during evening time. If the family would like a bit more comfort, they can consider a caravan park onsite cabin for sale. There are also plenty of Caravan Parks around Australia that have cabins which are individually owned. On there are currently caravans cabins onsite for sale in South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Self Confidence

Spending time together as a family allows children to learn and grow in a non-judgemental setting. They will grow in a safe and supportive environment and this will give them self-confidence at a young development stage. When they are working on a project such as building something, let them make mistakes, allow them to find solutions. Do not help them with every step of the way. Once they find the solution themselves they will gain more confidence and be a happy child. When researching an on-site caravan for sale, look for a van that has space for children to start projects such as puzzles or building a fort.

Less Behavioural Problems

If families take the time to do meaningful enjoyable activities together, child behavioral problems decrease. Working together on a project helps children learn to work as a team and work towards a common goal. Everyone is working towards a plan and teamwork makes it happen. Children learn the excitement of being in a team and achieve team goals.

Getting to Know Your Children

City lives can be so hectic and rushed and there are chances that parents don’t have time to have long chats with their kids. Spending time on a Caravan Park holiday give families the chance to have nice chats together and meaningful chats about all aspects of their child’s lives. Going for walks together, doing projects together and having meals together will give plenty of opportunities to have relaxed chats with your kids. Look for Caravan Parks that have an on-site caravan for sale that has a nice family room or outdoor setting where meals can be enjoyed together. For more comfort consider a caravan park onsite cabin for sale.

If you are looking at ways where you can help your child’s development, considering Caravan Park holidays is a great idea. There are some great caravans cabins onsite for sale in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland available on


Best XL Center Tickets

XL center tickets give its viewers all the information about the latest movies, latest news of film industry and also books tickets for you. You no longer have to find out time from your busy schedule and visit the movie ticket counters in order to book tickets of latest movies. Just browse the internet while sitting at home and do the booking. XL center tickets will give you the details of all the new released movies along with their reviews. You can go through the reviews of the movies that are published in the newspapers and the magazines and decide which one you would like to watch.

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Once you have decided you may go for online bookings. All you have to do is to find out the names of the movies and enter your city. Don’t forget to mention your address or there may not booking. XL center tickets will also give you the details of show time and the name of the movie that are running in the nearby theaters so that it will be easier for you to book the tickets according to your convenience. Just submit the forms and your online booking is over.

Apart from booking tickets this popular movie website provides opportunity for complete entertainment of its users. You can read the reviews and complete coverage of all the latest movies on XL center tickets. The websites also features some of the interviews of the top Hollywood stars. Are you interested in the gossips about the film stars? Then you will truly enjoy browsing the XL center tickets as this popular website will give you all information about the professional and personal lives of the famous movie stars.

Also keep an update of the top five or ten movies of the week on XL center tickets. You can see and download the pictures of your favorite stars from XL center tickets. You can look at the trailers and clippings of the new released and the hit movies on this websites. Watch the exclusive pictures taken during the oscars and a details of the megaevent.

XL center tickets always invite its viewers to provide their feedback so that the website can update itself. You can give your reviews of the movies and create a blog on this website. You can simply browse on to the XL center tickets during your leisure hours and have an exciting time with this website that has been a favorite for the movie lovers.

You don’t need to become a member of XL center tickets unless you want to give your comment or reviews. You can sign up in XL center tickets if you want to become a member. While signing up you will get the necessary details regarding how to find information on this website. This popular website will guide you to find information on the specific movies and also to book your tickets. Also know what you are supposed to do if you change your location or intends to edit your movie theater list.

If you want to want to give your comments then first sign in and write your comments on the plain text. Remember to highlight the specific points so that your presentation becomes quite impressive.

If you are a movie lover then you will enjoy signing in with XL center tickets.

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clear protein drinks

The Information You Must Know About Protein Water Supplements

Think about the ripped athletes and bodybuilders that you see on television.  How do you think they got their bodies so perfectly sculpted?  Obviously, part of it is dedication to exercise and a healthy diet.  However, another major aspect of their training is the consumption of whey protein water.  After a solid workout, your body needs to refuel and repair the muscle tissue that has been broken down. Whey protein water provides the essential amino acids needed to repair and strengthen your body.  Try it for yourself.  Watch as your workouts become more effective and your results improve.

Problem with Protein Water Supplements is that they usually don’t live up to expectations and don’t mix well unless put through a blender. They usually always end up thick, lumpy and too sweet. They contain too much protein for your body to use and have sugars and other bad chemicals in them! Enough is enough! I have used Protein Water Supplements personally for years and when starting my nutritional supplement company decided to investigate the science behind protein and how to make a great protein supplement. Now read what I learned…

The Science

The human body can only process up to 30 grams of protein from Whey in any one drink. Any excess protein consumed from a whey supplement is usually oxidised for energy and unless you are working out very hardcore it will more than likely end up around your waist line. Now protein does not convert to fat but some amino acids when oxidised convert into a glucose state and this is what causes the problem…it will make you put on water and fat weight as well as muscle! What use is muscle when it’s covered in fat?

Also a lot of protein water brands contain little or no low GI carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals! This is bad news as the protein in them will not be used efficiently by your body. The main function of a protein supplement is to get your body to process the protein quickly and effectively to build and develop muscle. The trick needed for your body to this is simple, trick it into thinking it has consumed a high quality nutritional meal…for this you need a protein supplement that contains low GI carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

protein powder with water
protein powder with water

The Taste

Most protein water brands contain aspartame, sugars and other non beneficial ingredients to promote flavour…this just does not work! For a start these substances are not good for your body and also have a negative effect on users who will end up gaining body fat or water weight because of these ingredients. They also make the taste too artificial and sweet which ruins the taste!

Three flavourings rule the protein world however… Orange Guava Flavor, Melon Cucumber Flavor and Lemon Coconut Flavor Why? Because they can be naturally derived and mix well with milk. Avoid all other flavours. Orange Guava Flavor, Melon Cucumber Flavor and Lemon Coconut Flavor flavourings are usually always naturally derived and good for you as well as being pleasant to taste if they are not too sweet!

Just remember the points above when buying protein water and get the best from it! Get the body you deserve Whey protein water is not like its competitors…It WILL mix completely smoothly in a cup of water using only a fork to mix it and it actually DOES have a very pleasant taste!

Self Storage Sunnyvale


Our El Camino Self Storage facility has grown in Sunnyvale, California since early 90’s.

We’ve grown from our humble beginnings and from a small storage facility to over 2700 storage units located at Memorex Drive and De La Cruz in Santa Clara.  Few values which sets us apart from our competitors in the city of Sunnyvale  are:

To Our Sunnyvale Community Customers – “Drive A Little, Save A Lot On Your Storage.”

Self Storage Sunnyvale
Self Storage Sunnyvale

As an added incentive to all residents in SUNNYVALE and only upon request, we will offer 4 months at 50% off on our standard rates instead of 3 months! Please make sure to bring your valid ID at the time of reservation to fulfill the offer. To reserve your unit, please click here!

  • High Security & Outstanding Conditions
    • Largest public storage in Santa Clara area. 100 plus high definition cameras, security system which records 24/7, security patrols, nice lightening, and very clean.
  • Personal Account & Variety Of Payment Options
    • Create a self storage account with El Camino Self Storage Sunnyvale. You can easily manage your accounts online. Different payment options are available vie Phone/Check/Online.
  • Excellent On-Site Kiosk & No Force Insurance
    • You can make payment, rent a unit or buy a lock easily with our great on-site kiosk. We do not force our tenants to buy insurance from us. You can choose to (1) Self insure; (2) Use your own insurance agent; or (3) Insure through Deans & Homer. We have Deans and Homer brochure available for your asking.
  • Different Storage Options & Flexible Access Time
    • El Camino Self Storage has different storage options, and you are able to access your space everyday from 6:00am-10:00pm!


How to Choose an Online Ticketing Company – Part 2


Options for online event ticket printing and delivery

The options for delivery of tickets purchased on the internet are continually growing. In general you should consider whether you need print-at-home ticketing services, will call and delivery via postal mail. You should also consider whether your event will print and fulfill the tickets that need to be mailed or if the ticketing software company provides fulfillment services. This service is usually offered as an add-on option when patrons are purchasing their tickets. It’s a convenient option for your patrons and your event. It’s also cost effective since the fees are passed on to the purchaser as a ticket convenience fee or shipping and handling fee. Strongly consider a company that will fulfill your order for you.


In addition, you should consider the options for print-at-home ticket delivery and the costs and technical hurdles associated with offering such an option. Many ticketing companies provide print-at-home tickets that are individually bar-coded. This is an effective method for reducing fraud but the costs and potential technical problems usually outweigh the amount of fraud that arises. This is especially true for reserved seating events where there is no real reason why someone would duplicate their tickets since the ticket is only good for one seat. Strongly weigh the costs involved with print-at-home ticketing when comparing companies and ask if you can get a discount on the services if you don’t utilize their scanning services. buy online XL Center Box Office Ticket does provide print-home-ticketing but we do not usually go through the cost of providing expensive scanners, a wireless network, computers and staff onsite to troubleshoot issues. This allows us to offer our services at a reduced rate for a service we feel is generally unnecessary. In general if you have a reserved seating event you’ll be fine without scanning every ticket and slowing down the entry process. If there is a conflict it’s easily resolved by checking the order details on the print-at-home ticket. If you have a general admission event you can provide tickets via will call or postal mail so there is not need for scanning. If you have a large general admission event like a festival though you might consider another service that provides ticket scanning at an increased cost.

There are companies now that offer ticket delivery via mobile phone and PDA if you really feel like getting techy. Again, this offers convenience to your patrons but there are technical hurdles that can potentially hamper your operations.

Ease of use for you and your patrons

The best online ticketing systems are easy to use, intuitive and flexible. Your online box office should be easy to use and clear. Your patrons should be able to quickly find what they want and checkout with ease. The backed box office management should be clear and flexible as well. Consider if you have direct control to edit your seating charts, manage seating/section pricing without contacting someone, offer discounts for entire shows or down to individual sections and seats and consider the reporting options available.

Also consider if you can use your chosen system in your venue box office, around town or at home! If the ticketing system is web-based there should be no reason why you can’t setup users with access to sell and distribute tickets from anywhere. A a will call or postal mail delivery system is ideal for wide distribution so the seller does not have to print tickets.