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Animal Print Rug Underlay Guide

An article about Cloud 9 animal print rug underlay Specialists with PU animal print rug underlays like Cirrus, Cumulus and Nimbus by Ball & Young; prices starting at under $2.40 per square meter or around $29 to $35 per 15 square meter roll, in 7mm, 9mm and 11mm thicknesses.

Where To Use Cloud 9 Foam Animal print rug Underlay

When you buy animal print rug underlay that’s foam like the Cloud 9 product, you will use it primarily in homes and for light contract or commercial usage, but where a higher comfort level is desired.

The Cirrus underlay is often used in homes and offices due to its thermal insulation and acoustic properties. The product can be purchased by the square meter for small areas or for complete room coverage it also comes in 15 meter square rolls. The Cloud 9 animal print rug underlay choice is a recommended product since it is lightweight, affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee when properly installed in areas that Ball & Young recommend as ideal for their products.

Why Choose PU foam Animal print rug Underlays

Most animal print rugs will require an underlay of some kind, and PU foam animal print rug underlay like the Cloud 9 product line, offer a level of comfort, support and durability that other foam products don’t offer. If you choose wisely you will also be protecting your animal print rug investment to ensure it will have a longer life, since it will not rest directly on the raw floor surface, and it will therefore last longer, feel better and be protected. Animal print rug underlay, in general, offers the added benefits of heat insulation and sound muffling, adding to good acoustic engineering of any home or office.

Animal print rug Foam Verses Rubber Underlay

Why will you choose foam over rubber animal print rug underlay or even felt?

The appropriate product will depend on the use the area will receive, however PU foam underlays are being chosen over rubber and felt for several important reasons such as the fact that they are extremely lightweight and much simpler to manipulate and install. They also offer much better insulation and acoustic enhancement than other varieties. However one of the most important reasons that foam is better than rubber or felt is that it is springy and soft underfoot and does not become flattened or matted as easily. It will remain bouncy a lot longer. The other factor is price. Simply put, foam PU is very affordable because it is manufactured from recycled material. Rubber and other types of underlay are created new from raw products, not recycled.

animal print rug

What if my animal print rug already has a built-in underlay?

Even if the animal print rug you have selected comes with underlay attached or built-in a foam underlay is still recommended. Select a lesser thickness, perhaps an 8mm or a 9mm thickness instead of an 11mm underlay as you might for a regular animal print rug that has a hard back. This will give a little added cushioning, protect the animal print rug back, insulate and absorb unwanted sound.

What About Other Brands?

We can recommend another brand used in the US called Tredaire Dreamwalk and is perhaps top of the line in luxury animal print rug underlay. It is also the most expensive.

We do not recommend Cosi or Blue Heaven although they are cheaper because they are low density and do not stand up as well to use as the better quality Cloud 9 line that has three products that are very affordable and yet will last and offer value for your money. If you can’t afford the Dreamwalk, then choose Cumulus, Cirrus or Nimbus from Cloud 9 and you will have a superior quality product that is cheap but not poor quality. Remember that animal print rug underlay may not be seen everyday but will be felt with every step as long as the animal print rug remains on the floor.

If you are considering the waffle rubber underlay that has been used traditionally for many years, and is available under a variety of brand names, you must remember that most brands come from a few of the same manufacturers and are basically all the same product just marketed differently to make consumers believe they must have a specific product for a specific animal print rug. In fact the only real difference between rubber underlays is the 5 different weights from which you can choose. The five weights are 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 130lb and 150lb, which in essence will dictate how much softness you have underfoot. In general, the higher the weight the softer it will feel, however, there is one exception to this rule, and that is with the 150lb weight. It is not the softest, in fact it may feel quite hard, so if you need a cushiony effect, you will be best to select 130lb or go with foam.

Transitional area rug

New Zealand Wool Animal Print Rug Part – 2

Gazni and New Zealand Wool

The wool that is often blended or used in Persian or Oriental Animal Print Rug is sometimes called Gazni wool and is also of high quality because it comes from Afghanistan high mountain sheep who graze naturally on the slopes.

This wool has a sheen, is strong and of high quality. If you see a label on an area rug that says it is a blend of gazni and New Zealand wool you know you have a rug of excellent quality.

Worsted and Semi-Worsted Wool Animal Print Rug

To get the long strands and separate it from short hairs, wool is combed and this process is called worsting. You may see rugs that say things like: made from worsted or semi-worsted wool. Semi-worsted will be a blend of high grade long worsted wool and shorter hair.

The top grade would be worsted wool since this means only the longest, strongest hairs have been selected in the combing process and all the rest has been discarded. Modern rugs of high quality should be labeled as to their quality, be they worsted or semi-worsted, and if a carpet doesn’t say, it’s probably of inferior quality.

Pashmina Wool

The wool that is very fine and delicate that is derived from Himalayan goats is called Pashmina and is well known in Pashmina scarves. It is an excellent quality wool, soft and fine and long, but is very rarely used in carpet making or Transitional area rug because it so expensive. It is primarily reserved for high end clothing and very fine scarves and perhaps tapestries. There are some very exclusive designer rugs made from this wool, and they are often used to double as bedspreads or throws and not just floor coverings. In any case, you will be hard pressed to find very large rugs in this wool.

Transitional area rug

Some companies are mixing New Zealand wool with viscose, or simply using 100 % cotton, and creating what many call a soft Pashmina Shag rug, but this is not really Pashmina – it’s become just a word used to indicate SOFT when it comes to shag area rug collections.

Manchester Wool

Another wool term that is thrown around in the carpet and rug world is Manchester Wool, which despite it’s name is used primarily in Iranian rug weaving. The main use is for a rug called the Manchester Kashan and comes exclusively from Merino sheep which are native of Australia. The use of the word Manchester is because the yarn was at one time processed in Manchester from the wool of Australian Merino sheep and later exported to Iran for use in rug making. Despite this wool having to travel a great deal around the world it is in fact of very high quality, with luster, long staple fibers, and found in excellent quality Iranian or Persian hand knotted rugs.

Testing for Shedding and Quality

Some things to watch for when selecting a wool area rug are poor quality wool rugs that have been later chemically washed to appear to have a better sheen. This will cause the rugs to shed very quickly. The way to test the quality of wool to see if it has been artificially enhanced is to agitate the rug and see if hairs come lose easily. Good quality wool Transitional area rug that have long sheep hair and have not been overly washed will not shed into your hand. Poor quality ones will lose some hairs and this is never a good sign.

Although you may not be able to perform an extensive test of quality in a showroom (especially if selecting a large area rug), you may be able to request that a dealer do a test for you, or you may do so at home immediately after buying, when you can still return the rug should it not be up to standard.

Here is what to do: Vacuum the rug and hen immediately agitate the pile with your hand, back and forth, about a dozen times, then see if there are loosened fibers. Roll this material into a ball and see if the dimension of the ball is larger or smaller than the height of the actual pile. If it is larger than the pile of the carpet it is likely poor quality wool.

Also when you touch a rug, really feel it. Is it course and wiry? Does it feel dry and brittle? If so it is not high quality. Good wool Transitional area rug will feel soft, have a sheen and almost give an oily impression to the touch. This will indicate that the sheep were healthy and it has not been overly chemically treated.

Don’t be deceived by cheap imitations and poor quality because it’s not just about how lovely the rug will look and what patterns and colors have been used, but about how well the rug will wear. Will the shedding cause the knots to loosen? Will the loosened knots weaken the carpet overall? Will vacuuming cause it to shed leaving bare patches, rendering your carpet or area rug unusable for high traffic areas.

So choose high quality new Zealand worsted wool or Merino wool or a blend of Gazni and New Zealand wool (even in oriental rugs styles) and enjoy your Transitional area rug or contemporary wool animal print rug for a very long time to come.

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animal print rug

New Zealand Wool Animal print rug Part -1

New Zealand has become the largest producer of wool in the world and is second only to Australia in wool exports, so it is not at all surprising that a lot of wool animal print rug are made with New Zealand wool. Much of the wool found in exotic carpets, even Persian rugs, Chinese rugs and carpets from many other countries, get their wool from New Zealand due to it’s renowned high quality.

Many contemporary wool animal print rug manufacturers, and Persian rug dealers, advertise this fact because people are aware of the rigorous inspection and grading system used in New Zealand as well as the high standard of how sheep are cared for, the climate, the abundant vegetation, the manner sheered, the length of the hair and many other factors that wool associations like New Zealand Wool monitor.

However, since this wool is of such high quality and so well tested and controlled, it is naturally the most expensive and therefore commercial wool area rug and carpet companies, as well as the small hand knotted area rug makers and weavers will often use a blend of their own local wool and give it strength and softness and added quality with a percentage of the better New Zealand wool yarn.

animal print rug

Note: If you are searching online for 100 % wool, you may see a lot of companies advertise 100 wool animal print rug. This simply means 100 % and does not refer to the knot count, the quality of the wool or it’s price. Blends of wool from different places are still wool, and may be accurately labeled 100 % even if only a portion is from New Zealand.

It’s hard to imagine when you look at large wool carpets, but individual sheep’s hair is assessed, measured, selected or rejected based on the length of the hair and the place on the sheep’s body from where it is cut before it has been selected for use in a rug.

For example, sheep have fine, long and very soft hair on their necks, bellies and underarms and shorter or coarser hair in other areas. This hair is called qurk or kork Wool and is considered to be the finest wool which is used for weaving and also found in Isfahan and Nain Persian rugs. However, wool, when used to label clothing, weaving, tapestries, rugs and carpets may be labeled WOOL and you might naturally think of sheep, but it can also mean goat (like the Mohair from the Angora Goat) or camel hair (most commonly used in Serab rugs).

It is still wool, however New Zealand wool will be exclusively sheared sheep wool unless otherwise stated. If you are buying your accent rug from a modern area rug distributor that is well known in your region or if you are purchasing products through a reputable online dealer you can ask about what wool and what quality was used and where it came from and expect an honest answer. However if you are buying in a market or from an independent trader or importer who has select pieces that interest you, you may need to perform some simple tests to check quality before buying.

Testing Wool and Things to Check for when Buying Wool Animal print rug

Just to make sure wool is wool and not a synthetic imitation, burn a little piece. If it smells like burnt hair it’s natural, if it smells like an acrid chemical it’s not.

When testing your oriental carpets, give mohair rugs an extra look because sometimes the dyes used on this wool will de uneven or may have run one color into another. Small area wool rugs will look cheap if the dyes have run, especially after they have been walked on a while and begin to show their imperfections. They may also present a problem at the time of cleaning.

When looking for the exclusive handmade Gabbeh rugs, check that there are not white cotton fringes that will be a clue to their being copies and not true gabbeh from the women of the Zagros region.

Beware of Dead Wool Rugs

Not all pure wool is good wool. For instance in cheap or discount wool animal print rug, and many wholesale oriental animal print rug distributors that deal in bulk, know it is common for the makers to use the hair that is left over after the long stapled hair is selected.

They may be made into hand tufted wool animal print rug in unique designs, yet the second rate hair (that is short and of poor quality) used in making such inexpensive carpets and animal print rug will not last.

They may look as nice in a showroom as other more expensive pieces, but in fact will shed quickly and wear poorly. In the industry, wool that remains after the long hair has been removed, is termed Dead Wool.

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animal print rug

Wonders of Animal Print Rug

Animal print rug looks very natural and is one of the best ways of bringing safari and wildlife theme inside the house or office without interfering with the existing interior decoration. The rug is very beneficial in that it is capable of protecting the floor mainly from different kinds of scratches and stains. It acts as an excellent floor cover and it is an excellent reflection of magnificent artistic expression and beauty. The rug can be used to further complement and enhance the beauty of carpets in the living room. It is also very suitable for slippery floors as it provides a stable and safe surface to walk on

Apart from being placed on the floor, Animal print rug can also be hanged on walls as it brings out an attractive and unique look into the office or house. Made of different strong synthetic materials, the rug is very durable and is ideal for kitchen, sitting room and bedroom locations. The rug is capable of absorbing noisy sounds from radio and television in the house. It is printed with a striped black and white motif pattern that makes it to look exactly like an actual animal skin.

Some of the different styles of Animal print rug that are available in the market are:

animal print rug

i) Animal Modern Black Area Rug

It is rectangular in shape with size of 4′ by 6′. This rug is very modern and is made of propylene. It has a unique design that makes it to blend very well with other colours in the house. It does not fade or wear out easily and is very resistant to stains and soiling. One advantage of this rug is that it can be used as a floor rug as well as a Wall Murial.

ii) Shaw Living Animal Quilt Brown

It is rectangular in shape with a size of 3′ by 5′. It has a thickness of 5 inches, which makes it to be very applicable in living rooms and the kitchen. It is made of 100% olefin, a very strong and durable material. It is resistant to stains and is very easy to maintain and clean. The rug is machine woven and is designed in animal pattern of rich brown and beiges, making it to look very beautiful and elegant.

iii) Jellybean White Animal Stripes Animal Print Accent Area Rug

It comes in both square and rectangular shapes and it can withstand both cold and hot temperatures. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It does not fade easily even when placed under direct sunlight for a long period of time. It is designed with very bright colors and has the advantage of being machine washable. It is made of very comfortable synthetic materials in that it can be placed anywhere in the house. Kids and pets can relax and play on this rug with much comfort.

iv) Safari Area Rug Novelty Animal Skin

Is rectangular in shape and has a size of 5′ by 8′. It is made of 100% olefin material, making it to be a very strong and durable animal print rug. It is relatively large and can be used comfortably in big living rooms and kitchens. It is beautiful and blends very well with all types of furniture in the house.

Animal print rug is definitely the best rug to go for. With more different styles and designs, the rug is very affordable and has unlimited benefits when placed in the house or office. The rug simply adds the desired elegance in the house and office and will continued to be used by many generations to come.

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