Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Catering Company

Hiring A Catering Company

What are Contract Caterers?

Contract caterers are specialists who oversee and manage catering company for a broad array of businesses where serving of food and drinks is not their primary goal. This is a large number of companies in addition to hospitals, schools and factories.

The past was when a caterer contracted could provide workplace cafes and canteens to public sector companies however, in recent times they have been able to enter the private sector, and they now typically provide food and catering services for train stations, airports and leisure centers. for instance.

Catering services are an important aspect of the services offered to guests or employees. Insufficient catering can negatively impact the morale of employees, decrease the number of visitors, and make a negative impression on the company.

Selecting a Contract Catering Service

Many businesses across the UK are confronted at some point by the task of selecting the right contract catering service. It doesn’t matter what sector they work in, whether it’s IT, financial services retail, hospitality, or tourism, to mention several; choosing a catering companies in Calgary can be an overwhelming task.

Catering isn’t the sole area of their business and it’s difficult for them to select from a variety of business caterers. What exactly should businesses consider when choosing the catering services contracted to them?

Catering Experience

Examine the track record of the potential catering service that you are considering contracting with. How long has their existence been going on and who are their catering customers, what areas do they specialize in? What image do they have in the business? Examine their current clients and then look into their facilities and practices.

Companies seeking catering services - Gather Catering

Quality Assurance

Companies seeking catering services are expected to be assured of the highest standards and quality.

It could include a broad variety of meals that are different in the way it is served and frequency, as well as an amount of service you’d like from a more traditional establishment.¬†Also, you should be expecting your contracted catering to be offered in a relaxed setting and atmosphere.¬†Catering services should offer various healthy eating options as well as a diverse menu.

Also, you should be sure that the catering services for business you are considering have excellent hygiene , the health and safety certifications.

Catering Contract

At the beginning from the beginning, you should ensure that the correct type of catering contract has been signed. There are two main types of contracts – franchise and management fee.

 In the case of the management fee model the client is responsible for the costs and the caterer supplies all the catering service in exchange for a fee. Under the franchise agreement, the caterer is required to pay either a fixed price or a set percentage of the revenue or, in some instances, it’s a combination of both. Each type of contracts has advantages and disadvantages for both the client and caterer. It is therefore important to fully understand of what’s offered.


Create clear performance indicators in conjunction with your caterer contract. These may include gross profit levels as well as costs for staff, along with the standards for performance such as the length of wait times, menu balance and the overall style. With the increasing emphasis placed on environmental sustainability, other factors could be the energy use, food miles and the management of waste.


In the end the above points can assist a company or organization in choosing the ideal contract catering service to run their business.