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XL Center Tickets is a privately owned ticket agency. As a ticket broker for all sports and entertainment events, we buy and sell tickets on the secondary market above face value. Prices quoted on this site are usually higher than the price printed on the ticket since they reflect our cost of obtaining premium seating for you.

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Xl Center Tickets

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How to Choose an Online Ticketing Company – Part 2


Options for online event ticket printing and delivery

The options for delivery of tickets purchased on the internet are continually growing. In general you should consider whether you need print-at-home ticketing services, will call and delivery via postal mail. You should also consider whether your event will print and fulfill the tickets that need to be mailed or if the ticketing software company provides fulfillment services. This service is usually offered as an add-on option when patrons are purchasing their tickets. It’s a convenient option for your patrons and your event. It’s also cost effective since the fees are passed on to the purchaser as a ticket convenience fee or shipping and handling fee. Strongly consider a company that will fulfill your order for you.


In addition, you should consider the options for print-at-home ticket delivery and the costs and technical hurdles associated with offering such an option. Many ticketing companies provide print-at-home tickets that are individually bar-coded. This is an effective method for reducing fraud but the costs and potential technical problems usually outweigh the amount of fraud that arises. This is especially true for reserved seating events where there is no real reason why someone would duplicate their tickets since the ticket is only good for one seat. Strongly weigh the costs involved with print-at-home ticketing when comparing companies and ask if you can get a discount on the services if you don’t utilize their scanning services. buy online XL Center Box Office Ticket does provide print-home-ticketing but we do not usually go through the cost of providing expensive scanners, a wireless network, computers and staff onsite to troubleshoot issues. This allows us to offer our services at a reduced rate for a service we feel is generally unnecessary. In general if you have a reserved seating event you’ll be fine without scanning every ticket and slowing down the entry process. If there is a conflict it’s easily resolved by checking the order details on the print-at-home ticket. If you have a general admission event you can provide tickets via will call or postal mail so there is not need for scanning. If you have a large general admission event like a festival though you might consider another service that provides ticket scanning at an increased cost.

There are companies now that offer ticket delivery via mobile phone and PDA if you really feel like getting techy. Again, this offers convenience to your patrons but there are technical hurdles that can potentially hamper your operations.

Ease of use for you and your patrons

The best online ticketing systems are easy to use, intuitive and flexible. Your online box office should be easy to use and clear. Your patrons should be able to quickly find what they want and checkout with ease. The backed box office management should be clear and flexible as well. Consider if you have direct control to edit your seating charts, manage seating/section pricing without contacting someone, offer discounts for entire shows or down to individual sections and seats and consider the reporting options available.

Also consider if you can use your chosen system in your venue box office, around town or at home! If the ticketing system is web-based there should be no reason why you can’t setup users with access to sell and distribute tickets from anywhere. A a will call or postal mail delivery system is ideal for wide distribution so the seller does not have to print tickets.



How to Choose an Online Ticketing Company – Part 1


Technology can sometimes be confusing – and honestly – there’s a lot of companies that like to keep a sense of mystery covering their ticketing services so the details and costs can be hidden. Many of these companies make it sound like a simple no-brainer on the surface. The surprises come once you’ve made the commitment to your ticketing system and you find out that what you thought was included is an extra investment, or not even possible. This is the case with a lot of online ticketing companies. You do your best to scour their websites as you research features and costs but in the end you find yourself confused and searching for answers.

In an effort to help you choose an online XL center tickets company we’ve begun this series of articles to help guide you so you can have a nice checklist of items to consider when choosing ticketing software. We’ll help you think through the process and show you the options available so you can make the best decision possible. Even if our company does not offer the solution that you’re seeking, we’ll try to tell you what’s possible, what’s new and what’s hip in the online ticketing world.


General admission or reserved seating

Ideally you want an e-ticketing system that provides you with the flexibility to sell general admission seats, reserved seating or a combination of both. Not all software is created equal so ask this question if it’s not explicitly spelled out. Even if you’re venue or event is completely reserved seating you never know what you’ll need in the future or how your venue will evolve. It’s always better to plan for the future and weigh all options so you’re confident that you’ve made the best decision. Flexibility is key and a good ticketing system should allow you to setup and manage reserved seating, general admission or break up your event with both options within the same seating chart. The best systems will allow management of multiple seating charts for your venue and will allow you to customize pricing for each individual event.

Payment processing for online ticketing

If you’re selling tickets online you need a reliable vehicle to accept credit cards from the patrons purchasing tickets to your events. Many ticketing services do the processing for you which is convenient. The downside is that they can potentially sit on your money for a long period of time. If it’s a large amount of money they’re probably banking the money and gaining interest from your money before they release it. You should consider this before committing to a service. Ideally you should setup a merchant account of your own and integrate it into the software so you have complete control over your money. The process is usually painless and it will guarantee that you receive your money as soon as possible. If you’re a small operation or you’re running a one time event there are additional options available if you don’t want to go through the merchant account approval process.