The Preschool Swim Program

1. The Preschool Swim

Preschool Swim Program with Hampton Swim School has started! Preschool Swim Lessons will run on a Tuesday afternoon, 2pm – 3pm. (Our classes work in groups of 4 students to 1 teacher in the water). If you haven’t already enrolled, speak with Tracy or somebody in the office.

2. Class time

Puss in Boots Preschool Swim Program has the pool to themselves. We can take 3 classes of 4 children per timeslot; and have ample change room and waiting space. Whilst waiting to have their class, children can get changed and have a snack poolside. When the first group is finished, they can rinse off in warm showers and get changed, and then have their snack whilst waiting for the second class to finish.

3. Assessments

We would run the first class as an introduction to the pool, to the Teacher and initial assessment of skills to group the children according to ability.

4. Parent Feedback

We have the capability via our Sticker Benchmark system and Swimbiz program to be able to monitor and record each child’s goals they are working towards as well as share these reports with parents. At the end of each 12 weeks, swimmers progress to the next stage, and after each 24 weeks, graduate to the next level, and receive a Graduation Certificate. We can also provide Puss In Boots with photos to share on their Daily Notice boards, or electronically for use on their private Facebook page.

5. Service Team

We have an allocated Service Team Representative present during Preschool Swim Lessons, to answer any questions, as well as support Teachers in the water to achieve best progress, and assist with any behaviour management or teaching techniques. Our Service Team Rep also records Student and Class Notes, Sticker Benchmarks and Graduation Certificates.

6. The ABCs of Additional Benefits:

  • It’s a unique program that no other daycare centre in the area is offering.
  • A focus on year-round drowning prevention, water safety and learn to swim skills – 2018 Royal Life Statistics show 18 children under 5 yrs of age drowned – 15 in swimming pools, with 14 of these a result of an accidental fall in the water. The Morningside Preschool Swim Lessons provides layers of protection when supervision lacks, including learning about when to swim, where to swim and how to swim as the last layer
  • Builds physical fitness and fun with the class peers
  • Promotes extra developmental skills around being out and about in the local Community – including road safety, pedestrian access, and walking as a mode of transport
  • Promotes extra developmental skills around social interaction – including team work and following instructions, plus preparation & organizational skills such as changing clothes and being responsible for their own belongings
  • Links to the Water Warriors Program provided bi-annually to Puss in Boots. We will further develop this Water Warriors program and provide more relevant materials to Puss In Boots based upon knowing of the individual children’s swim levels and focus, promoting faster development of skills.