Top 5 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet To Purchase In 2022

cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Cryptocurrencies are getting widespread acceptance and have seen a huge growth in recent times. If you know, you can take cryptocurrencies out of centralized exchanges and put it in an external wallet, also known as the hardware wallet. Cryptocurrency Hardware wallet provides a quite secure methodology to securely manage cryptos and store them. 

If you are looking to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum and store it in a hardware wallet, then you are at the right place. In this Blog post we will be discussing the top 5 crypto hardware wallets. The list has been prepared after considering the factors like supported cryptocurrencies, user experience, cost and several other crypto hard wallet features. 

Top 5 Cryptocurrency hardware Wallets to purchase in 2022.


Exodus is both a mobile wallet and a desktop Cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It offers an easy to use interface and cryptocurrency exchange. One of the best features is that it allows users to swap cryptocurrencies. Currently it supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies.

If you are a beginner and looking to begin your journey in crypto space, this will be the best crypto hard wallet. It allows you to store any cryptocurrency that it supports apart from bitcoin and ethereum.


Ledger allows you to connect with different devices either through usbs or bluetooth. Also it offers secure storage. Ledger Nano X is one of the wallet specs that most people purchase. It looks like a usb drive that you can connect with your desktop or mobile. Ledger wallets are being used and most popular in the cryptocurrency industry. It comes with the USB A cable and USB C cable that allows you to make easy connections. 


If you are looking for the most secure hardware wallet, then Trezor could be the best choice. It comes with a lot of security features and has a great track record. Its new model T comes with the touch screen, which improves the user experience for beginners. Also there is a MicroSD card slot that allows you to protect your devices and encrypt with the PIN. Currently It supports more than 1500 cryptocurrencies. 

Ledger NanoS

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The ledger Nano S was the first ever hardware wallet launched by ledger. Ledger Nano S is compatible with a lot of cryptocurrencies and also it doesn’t come with the USB cable. Hence, a lot of people face difficulty while connecting it with mobile devices. But it has good storage which allows you to make a wallet for specific cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for a cost effective hardware wallet then this is the great choice. 


Mycelium is an open source hardware wallet that only supports Ethereum, Bitcoin and a few ERC 20 tokens. It is quite similar to an electrum hardware wallet. Mycelium offers you a lot of features such as offline storage of bitcoin, hardware wallet support and much more. 

Final Verdict.

You can find a lot of hardware wallets but there are only a few that offer the best security. Hence it is recommended that you do complete research before you buy any hardware wallet.