What Is Whey Protein

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What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein usually comes in the form of a powder that can be used to make a drink similar to a milkshake for athletes and bodybuilders.  Whey protein has specific properties that help to enhance the body’s recovery and growth during training.  But not everyone knows where whey protein comes from.

Whey protein is a dairy by-product from the substance left over after milk has solidified into cheese.  Cow’s milk contains two types of proteins; Casein (80%) and Whey Protein (20%).  This whey protein is then subjected to numerous processes and filtration in order to separate the whey from the whey liquid.

Once this has been done, the remaining whey liquid is then concentrated to produce pure whey protein.  This is then dried, packed and sold as whey protein powder to manufacturers who use it to make protein shakes.

So know we have our whey protein, how does it actually help the body?

best whey protein with water

Proteins are the building blocks for the body’s muscles.  When a body is put through a strenuous exercise regime, the muscles need fuel to rebuild themselves and grow.  Without it the muscles cannot work as affectively and this can have other affects on the body, leading to poor results.

Best whey protein with water has quick release properties which mean that after you consume it, it is quick to be broken down into amino acids and absorbed by the body.  It goes directly to your muscles, feeding them with the energy they need to repair, grow and strengthen before your next workout.

The proteins your body need can be found in many different food types, from fish, meat, dairy and wheat for example.  But if you are working towards a desired goal, your diet may not allow you to consume the amount you need.  This is where best whey protein with water is useful.  They enable you to consume more of the important proteins that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Best whey protein with water should never be used to replace the protein found in foods, and a balanced diet is essential to help keep your body fit and healthy, but it can help and aid your body when working towards a desired goal and physique.