Wonders of Animal Print Rug

animal print rug

Animal print rug looks very natural and is one of the best ways of bringing safari and wildlife theme inside the house or office without interfering with the existing interior decoration. The rug is very beneficial in that it is capable of protecting the floor mainly from different kinds of scratches and stains. It acts as an excellent floor cover and it is an excellent reflection of magnificent artistic expression and beauty. The rug can be used to further complement and enhance the beauty of carpets in the living room. It is also very suitable for slippery floors as it provides a stable and safe surface to walk on

Apart from being placed on the floor, Animal print rug can also be hanged on walls as it brings out an attractive and unique look into the office or house. Made of different strong synthetic materials, the rug is very durable and is ideal for kitchen, sitting room and bedroom locations. The rug is capable of absorbing noisy sounds from radio and television in the house. It is printed with a striped black and white motif pattern that makes it to look exactly like an actual animal skin.

Some of the different styles of Animal print rug that are available in the market are:

animal print rug

i) Animal Modern Black Area Rug

It is rectangular in shape with size of 4′ by 6′. This rug is very modern and is made of propylene. It has a unique design that makes it to blend very well with other colours in the house. It does not fade or wear out easily and is very resistant to stains and soiling. One advantage of this rug is that it can be used as a floor rug as well as a Wall Murial.

ii) Shaw Living Animal Quilt Brown

It is rectangular in shape with a size of 3′ by 5′. It has a thickness of 5 inches, which makes it to be very applicable in living rooms and the kitchen. It is made of 100% olefin, a very strong and durable material. It is resistant to stains and is very easy to maintain and clean. The rug is machine woven and is designed in animal pattern of rich brown and beiges, making it to look very beautiful and elegant.

iii) Jellybean White Animal Stripes Animal Print Accent Area Rug

It comes in both square and rectangular shapes and it can withstand both cold and hot temperatures. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It does not fade easily even when placed under direct sunlight for a long period of time. It is designed with very bright colors and has the advantage of being machine washable. It is made of very comfortable synthetic materials in that it can be placed anywhere in the house. Kids and pets can relax and play on this rug with much comfort.

iv) Safari Area Rug Novelty Animal Skin

Is rectangular in shape and has a size of 5′ by 8′. It is made of 100% olefin material, making it to be a very strong and durable animal print rug. It is relatively large and can be used comfortably in big living rooms and kitchens. It is beautiful and blends very well with all types of furniture in the house.

Animal print rug is definitely the best rug to go for. With more different styles and designs, the rug is very affordable and has unlimited benefits when placed in the house or office. The rug simply adds the desired elegance in the house and office and will continued to be used by many generations to come.